Elias Haddad is an award winning composer and pianist. His music is considered to be progressive as he synthesizes and tries to build on influences from various musical styles ranging from progressive rock/metal/jazz to baroque, classical, romantic, impressionist, and minimalist music.

Elias started his musical journey by taking classical piano lessons at age five. His teacher noticed how natural it was for him to improvise and play melodies that sing from within at a very young age. Her patience and persistence played a positive role in his early musical training.

During his late teenage years and early twenties, Elias moved away from music and completed a bachelor's degree in finance. The obsession with music came back a few years later to completely take over his life. As a result, two solo piano albums came to life, and resulted in performances at the Ehrbar Saal, Vienna after winning the Golden Key Festival competition.

In 2019 Elias completed his Masters at the Royal Northern College of Music under the supervision of Professor Adam Gorb. He then went on to complete a D.M.A under the tutelage of Professor Christos Hatzis at the University of Toronto.